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Case Study For Stage 2 Nano Ionization (click to enlarge)

Mazda 3 Stage 1

Mazda 3 (Stage 1) Air Intake Nano Ionization Before Stage 2 Upgrade


Mazda 3 Stage 2

Mazda 3 Upgrade To Stage 2 Ignition Coil Pack Nano Ionization


Known as Stage 2 Nano Ionization, this controversial stage certainly got our critics and skeptics wondering how?

As written on some car related webpage, electricity cannot have molecules broken down. Yes it is true and we never ever said that it does.
(Wonder where that came from?)

However we have much to thank the webpage for as our sales tripled ever since we were assumed as the number 1 snake oil product! (Solid!)
Nano Ionization effects were studied in the lab in Germany (by professors in case you are wondering) and they happened to chance upon testing electrical currents to be more enhanced with stabilized signatures.
This explains why our customers experience tremendous performance improvements when they upgrade from Stage 1 Air Intake Nano Ionization to Stage 2 Spark Plugs Ignition Coil Pack Nano Ionization.
Not forgetting fuel efficiency improvements too!

Case Study 2 For Stage 2 Nano Ionization (click to enlarge)

GK3 Stage 1 Review

GK3 Stage 1 Review


GK3 Stage 1 Update

GK3 Stage 1 Update


GK3 Stage 2 Upgrade Review

GK3 Stage 2 Upgrade Review


However we are flattered by the attention we get from this.
This is where most people wonder because we have not 1 but about 100 solid reviews since 2018! Yes the reviews are from real people with real profiles whom you can message to have a conversation with.
(And yes you have most probably lost to the same car as yours with our product in it. No hard feelings!)

Gewinnen Engine Enhancement Nano Ionizer helps to stabilize and enhance the electric flow as shown in the above diagram when applied to the spark plug ignition coil pack (petrol) or glow plugs (diesel). Are you sure it helps?
You will be the judge of that yourself 👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️

This Nano Ionization process will help the spark/glow plugs to provide more efficient and stable firing/heating for fuel combustions to be cleaner resulting in additional engine power gains and fuel efficiency when igniting fuel with Stage 1 Nano Ionization.

Works for both stock and performance coil pack/glow.

Here are some feedbacks from Stage 2 Nano Ionization

More feedbacks can be found HERE

Spark Plug Ignition Coil Pack
GEWINNEN Spark Plug Coil Pack Nano Ionization

For Diesel engines, Gewinnen will be installed on the Glow Plugs to enhance diesel and air heating.

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