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Gewinnen Engine Enhancement Nano Ionizer when applied in/on the Air-Intake System helps to breakdown and ionize air molecules entering the engine’s combustion chambers before ignition process of fuel.

With the presence of multiple nano ionized air molecules in the air intake system, more oxygen molecules can be packed into the same volumetric area before ignition process of fuel in the combustion chambers which helps to burn cleaner and more efficiently resulting in the natural improvement of engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Cleaner fuel combustion process also helps the engine to perform in a more refined manner while also reducing lag, sluggishness, vibrations, jerks and carbon build up to prolong the engine lifespan.

Air Intake Nano Ionization

GEWINNEN Air Intake Guide Nano Ionization

Also known as
Stage 1 Nano Ionization, this is highly recommended for vehicles that are experiencing lag & hesitation in moving off, acceleration and upslope drives causing the driver to depress more “pedal” to generate more torque, thus increasing fuel usage and wastage.


The installation of Gewinnen Nano Ionizer material is custom sized and securely pasted to fit the internal design of your vehicle’s air intake system. It can be installed for all types of air intake system safely and securely.

Air Intake Box

Gewinnen Original Air Intake
Nano Ionization

Air Intake Semi Open Pod

Gewinnen Semi or Open Pod Air Intake Nano Ionization

For more information on other available stages, do feel free to check out the links below.


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