Gewinnen Engine Nano Ionization

Welcome to the Amazing World of Nano Ionization Technology

latest breakthrough in Molecular Nanotechnology from Germany is now available as a safe add-on for your petrol, hybrid or diesel motorized vehicles.

Gewinnen Engine Enhancement Nano Ionizer
is engineered & manufactured in Germany from a specially formulated fusion of materials through molecular nanotechnology.

The process of Nano Ionization helps in the molecular fragmentation and ionization of Air & Fuel (Petroleum & Diesel) while it is also discovered to provide stabilized enhancement of electrical flow for more efficient spark firing power or glow plugs heating, components efficiency and grounding effects which are found to contribute towards cleaner & more efficient fuel combustion cycles resulting in the natural increase of power output without any modifications, tuning or devices required.
Cleaner fuel combustion process is also very beneficial for cars with tuned AFR (Air & Fuel Ratio).

Nano Ionization results in the natural improvement of both engine performance & fuel efficiency by enhancing the inputs for fuel combustion process to be cleaner and more efficient.
Sounds Incredible? Snake Oil? Scam?
You will find out soon enough 👍



Installation is safe for both warranty and inspection

NO Devices?
NO Additives? 

NO Modifications?
NO ECU Remapping/Chipping?

NO Voiding of Vehicle’s Warranty?

Yup just paste and go, that’s all 👍

Here’s a video complication of feedbacks from some of our very satisfied customers from the last 3 years when only 3 stages was available back then 🙂

The following is a complication of a fuel journal submitted by our customer driving C180 W204 who installed all 4 stages. He updates us regularly to ensure that his car is kept healthy for as long as possible.
With a mixture of normal and hard driving, he has proven that Nano ionization indeed helps to improve power without fuel compromise when driven hard.
Enjoy the video journey as this is possible for your car too!

The following are results from some of our very satisfied customers…
as they always say, numbers don’t/can’t lie…

If you are curious about how Nano Ionization can work for your vehicle, do check out our Facebook albums. However, before you do so, you may want to continue reading and come back to this link later as more goodies awaits you 🤗

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How does it actually work?

Gewinnen Fuel
Flow Direction Left To Right → → →

To be honest it beats the heck out of us too as we are told that your vehicle’s fuel injector is programmed via the ECU to inject “x” amount of fuel into the engine combustion chambers for every cycle to meet the AFR (Air & Fuel Ratio) requirements or parameters.

With nano-ionized fuel molecules reacting with nano-ionized air and enhanced spark/glow and electrical supply, “x” amount of fuel will burn cleaner & more efficiently to produce more powerful fuel combustions resulting in added power which can be used to increase the potential distance without compromising fuel consumption as the AFR remains the same!

Thankfully we have a customer who decided to test this theory on a few occasions by driving at different speeds on the same route after topping up fuel and these are his submissions.

How about the added power mentioned without adjusting the AFR?

The only way to find out is put the car on a Mustang Dyno!
(Mustang Dynamometer is currently the most accurate power & torque measuring machine)

There you have it, numbers don’t lie on a Mustang Dyno. The results measured are compared to the original paper specs without taking into account the likely possible power loss over the years due to wear & tear and carbon build up.

Fuel Savings ⛽💰

The average fuel efficiency improvement ranges between 15% to 27% depending on the car’s condition and driver’s adaptability to the new and improved performance. (Some of our customers have a secret way of driving to achieve more than 30% fuel savings which we ourselves cannot even do in all honesty!)

The following is a video of an ECU scan showing the effects of Nano Ionization.
Carefully observe the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) and MAF (Mass Air Flow).

As they say again, numbers don’t lie… or can’t lie…

Notice that the MAF increased despite the lower RPM.

As seen in the video, the MAF (Mass Air Flow) have increased due to improved engine efficiency thanks to cleaner fuel combustion cycles.
The idling RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) have also decreased due to a more complete fuel combustion process which is also an indication of a more efficient engine.
You will notice achieving the usual higher speeds at a lower RPM can be done with ease (yes once again, numbers don’t lie… or can’t lie).

“Bro! Maybe it’s placebo since I have paid for it and wish for it to work?”

The only placebo effect anyone can ever feel is when their car becomes less responsive or less powerful. No one can ever feel that their car suddenly becomes more powerful without doing anything to it. Period.

Thus numbers don’t lie… or can’t lie…

Did you know that Gewinnen Engine Enhancement Nano Ionizer is safe for both warranty & inspection as no modifications or replacement of parts are done and that it comes in the form of a very special adhesive material? It is manufactured with a safe flexible variant which is custom sized and installed for the following components:

✔️Air Intake System
✔️Spark Plug Coil Pack (Petrol Engines)
✔️Glow Plugs Pack (Diesel Engines)
✔️Fuel Line / Fuel Rail
✔️Electrical Cables

It has now been given a nickname among our customers as “Magic Koyok”

Magical or not, you’ll be the judge of that 👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️

Performance Fuel Saver Solution
Full Stage 1+2+3+4 Nano Ionization

Sounds Too Good To Be True?

Here at Gewinnen Singapore we are committed to assuring our customers and skeptics by providing product testing for your ride.
Yes you can actually come for Nano Ionization and go for a test drive in our carpark to experience Nano Power!

C180 CGI Fuel Save
C180 Fuel Savings


We are drivers too and have always loved the idea of testing products before purchase.
No one likes the idea of risking hard earned money on products that may or may not work right?

If it works for your car, purchase it

If it doesn’t work, uninstall it 

It’s that simple

Never try, never know right?
There will always be negative feedbacks and controversies surrounding the truth, it is like your friend telling you that the burger at this stall does not taste good but he/she never once ate it. If questioned why, your friend will most probably say things like it is because he/she don’t agree with the method of cooking or how it looks.
(You know how we always have that one friend who thinks he/she knows it all?)

Yes in case you are wondering, we do get customers who believe that the only wear and tear part on the car are the tires and there are some who believe that spark plugs can be used for more than 100,000km without problems such as lag, higher fuel consumption, carbon build up etc…
We have also came across cars with non-optimal setup and condition such as missing air intake guide (imagine all that hot air being fed into the engine), wrong specs of spark plugs, wrong specs of engine oil (some workshop told our customers that all engine oil are the same!), wrong ignition coil pack (not OEM but coil pack from another car brand which does not even physically fit), we also get a customer who refused to purchase our recommended fuel injector cleaner to clean up the fuel injectors from long term usage of industrial diesel, we also came across a front mounted intercooler with dented fins stained with oil which totally “does not convince” the customer that it is leaking and the most epic of all is a customer who saw smoke seeping out from a vacuum hose during a smoke test and insist that it is not leaking 🤦‍♂️.

Oh yes and not forgetting customers who do not read our solid 200 reviews left by our customers who took time to write but are impatient in getting results without once stopping to think if their car has any issue that might be affecting the results especially when their car history is unknown to them?
An accurate analogy will be like a car driven on 4 flat tires complaining that no product can help! 🤣

The ultimatum of all is a car that changed spark plugs only to find out from the model number indicated on the invoice that the spark plugs were meant for another car model! The owner then went back to inform them and they agreed to replace with the right ones. However we decided to remove them to check but to our horror they gave a set of very old and worn spark plugs with enlarged gap!

(We will let you in on the information of the place to avoid when you come by😜)

Oh no! My car is not in optimal condition, how?

We are here to help you get your car back into optimal condition with our trustworthy partner workshop Wrench Auto Werkz for all diagnostic checks & rectifications and we hope to save you unnecessary costs of repair by detecting the problem(s) earlier.
Here at Gewinnen Singapore, it is not just about Nano Ionization installation but it is a journey together with your car to be nursed back to optimal condition and better in order to get the best out of Nano Ionization technology!

What if my car is not showing signs of improvement?

Simple, send your car to our workshop for a diagnostic check.

I think the product somehow does not work for my car?

Simple, send your car to our workshop for a diagnostic check.
If it work for other cars, it will work for yours because the manufacturer did not custom made your car to be different from the others if not it will not pass QC and even make it to our shores. 🤔

Whenever we complain, the good folks back at the lab in Germany laughed it off and told us not to worry because more awesome products will suffice in time to come. Do stay tuned!

Here at Gewinnen Singapore, we have gone through the hair standing goosebumps experience for you long ago and would like to assure you that the product is safe, safe and safe!

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