Gewinnen Fuel

Gewinnen Fuel

Flow Direction From Left To Right

Gewinnen Engine Enhancement Nano Ion Tape when applied on the fuel line will help to breakdown & Ionize fuel molecules to produce more efficient fuel combustion in the engine.

With more efficient fuel combustion, the engine is able to generate more power based on the same amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber as fuel combustion will be cleaner and more efficient when reacting with nano ionized Air & Spark.

This process will help in fuel economy and torque increase due to the efficiency.

(Most customers enjoy the increased torque and are not used to the accelerator pedal’s sensitivity at the beginning)

The following photos submitted by our customer shows the difference in gains from Stage 1+2 and Stage 1+2+3:

Nano Ionization Results

Works for both petrol and diesel engines.

Opel Astra Fuel Line

GEWINNEN Fuel-Line Nano Ionization


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