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Gewinnen Engine Enhancement Nano Ionizer when applied in/on the Air-Intake Hose/Pipe/Box will help to breakdown and ionize Air molecules entering the engine’s combustion chamber to ignite fuel.
With the presence of ionized nano size molecules in the air intake, the ignition process of fuel in the combustion chambers will be more efficient resulting in lighter throttle responses, natural power gains, engine performance smoothness and fuel efficiency.
This will ensure healthier combustion processes which explains why the engine performs in a more refined manner and also resulting in the reduction of lag, sluggishness, vibrations, jerks and carbon build up.

With lesser stress load on the engine, the lifespan will naturally be prolonged and Fuel Savings will improve regardless of driving habits.

Air Intake Nano Ionization

GEWINNEN Air Intake Guide Nano Ionization

Air Intake Semi Open Pod

GEWINNEN Semi Open Pod  Nano Ionization

Air Intake Box

GEWINNEN Air Intake Filter Box Nano Ionization

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